Mentoring has been defined as a personal relationship that supports and encourages people to manage their own learning so that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, and improve their performance and become the person [cancer registrar] they want to be.  It is a partnership between two people that work a similar field, or have a shared commonality.  It is a relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.

Michele actively mentors and supports cancer registry students, career seekers and active cancer registrars, both certified and not.  Whenever possible she will connect one individual with another in their geographic region or locale.  Mentoring is truly a blessing for all individuals in the relationship and Michele has the highest respect for persons who seek out mentors to help them grow their personal and professional skills.

in 2011 Michele took a bold step and saw one of her dreams come true by launching the Cancer Registry Leadership Mentoring group.  Group members include cancer registrars around the world who come together via teleconference once each moth to discuss leadership opportunities and creative ways in which to manage and improve the cancer registry operations.  Joining the group is free, Michele only asks that individuals in the group make a committed effort to attend the monthly calls.

To earn more about the Leadership Mentoring group, or to sign up and join, click here.