ID-100109224Michele has served as an independent contractor and consultant since the 1980’s offering a variety of services based on her years of experience, expertise and interest.  Quite often she will customize her services based upon her client’s unique needs.  If you are looking for assistance with your professional career or cancer registry operations, consider contacting her to discuss opportunities for collaboration together.


Michele can help you by:

  • Coaching: personalized, one-on-one or small group re: cancer registry, productivity and personal or professional development,
  • Cancer Registry Operations: productivity, timeliness or quality of casefinding, abstracting and follow-up activities, performance or quality control audits, establishing or enhancing new services or procedures, cancer program management, data analysis and outcomes reports, and more,
  • Registry Staff Training and Education: services provided onsite, web-based, teleconference, webinar or combinations thereof,
  • Hiring and Competency Assessments:  new hire interviews and assessment of cancer registry competency to meet your specific needs.

To contact Michele to discuss how she can assist you and your cancer registry needs click on the Contact Us tab from the menu above.

Michele has also had experience in each of the following healthcare specialties:

  • Cancer Registry,
  • Cancer Program Administration,
  • Clinical Trials (oncology, endocrinology, family medicine, and cardiology),
  • Medical Transcription (radiation oncology and cardiology).